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Why Orion Financial?

What Makes Us Different?


As an independent advisory firm, we are not bogged down with quotas or investment restrictions to use certain companies or funds by large financial firms. We have the freedom and ability to do much more than a larger national firm for the benefit of our clients. We always put the interest of our clients first. Both John Stolar and Allen Poe are fiduciaries.

As independent financial planners, our mission is to guide individuals to and through retirement successfully so they can spend time doing what they love most. Whether that is traveling, volunteering, or spending time with grandkids, let a professional retirement planner help so you can focus on what matters most to you.


Because we are local independent advisors, we forge deep, personal relationships and hold a strong sense of accountability to our clients and their families. A key difference between a national financial advisor vs. a local financial advisor is really a difference between a detached product-driven approach vs. a professional service-oriented approach.

At Orion Financial, our holistic, comprehensive planning is tailored to your specific situation and goals. We want YOU to be a part of the conversation and have a say in what happens to your money. Large national firms are not set up to have detailed conversations with you about how your money is to be invested. Independent advisors do not have to do this either, however, the best ones actually want you involved and to understand the purpose of each investment.


Orion Financial has helped hundreds of people retire successfully and we are ready to help you! Established 2002, John Stolar and Allen Poe founded Orion Financial after leaving a large NYC firm to have the freedom to better serve their clients and better protect them from market downturns. John and Allen have decades of experience in wealth management, investing, and financial planning. John Halley and Jan McConnell joined the Orion Financial family because their mission and philosophy aligned. They have the experience and same passion for helping people successfully retire.


If you want to trade stocks to beat the market year after year, we are not right for you. We do not want you to worry at night that your retirement savings you have worked for 30 years accumulating and growing could drop 30% because of uncontrollable events. You have worked hard your whole life to save for retirement. Now let us work to preserve your investment and last your lifetime so you can retire successfully.


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